Grosse ixent Grafik

» Our consulting portfolio

What we offer:

  • Technical advice and expertise in the field of lightweight engineering particular for fiber-reinforced composites (CFRP, aramid, fiberglass, etc.):
    • Concepts and component design (Monolythic Design, Sandwich, hybrids, etc.)
    • Materials (fiber type, matrix, etc.)
    • Production- /Construction Methods
  • Leading technology projects with associated project management.
  • A demand-oriented, extensible network of top experts from various technologies (R&D and production).

 The focus of our experience:

  • Many years of practical experience in various industries:
    • In-depth automotive expertise with a focus on structural concept development. Serial Development of various cars and manufacturing integration.
    • Project in the field of aerospace, civil engineering, consumer goods industry, chemical industry and plant engineering.
    • Development and production of lightweight structures in professional racing.
  • Extensive overall understanding of mechanical systems