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  • Structural and Aerodynamical concept Generation

Form Follows Function? Or the other way around?

The ISDERA Commendatore GT is a 2+2 Grand Turismo prototype with remarkably unique features. The car was developed in about 8 months - from a blank sheet of paper to a full running and functional prototype and thus serves as a showcase of the typical way we address projects like these at iXent.

ISDERA set out the goal that the appearance of the prototype was to be suitable and refined enough to be presented at a car show while at the same time technically mature to a level that the car could undergo rough testing by developers and customers, be a safe car to operate and most important – be a valid fore-runner for a subsequent series production. Together with our partners at ISDERA and Roding Automobile we set out to achieve this ambitious target along the following basic guidelines:

- Getting the “genes” right so that the car is a valid precursor for a later serial development rather than a one-off “dead end” prototype. This needs to be applied from first principle consideration to detailing.

- Quick design loops using the right tools for each level of refinement.

- Applying our extensive know-how in car design and structures.

- Be engaged, loving the product!

This approach benefits a lot from using numerical optimization methods throughout all stages of development. In the early phases when package requirements need to be aligned with load paths and crushing length requirements, a simplified beam-shell model that already includes replacement loads for all relevant load cases helps hugely when it comes to conceptual sizing of structural elements and provides crucial input for 3D-CAD work. Close co-operation with 3D CAD designers and the construction facility helps keeping the development cycles short und target-oriented.

First 3D-CAD and output of beam property optimization overlaid

Optimization methods were also applied during the refinement of the design to improve the performance-to-weight ratio for a wide range of components ranging from chassis parts to laminate lay-ups

Body stiffness

Body stiffness assessment - displacements.

Laminate loading of mature design state

As a result the ISDERA Protoype has the basic ingredients to be fully homologized under EC2007/46/EC and beyond. iXent took care of the essential functional requirements in the target book making the car from the functional perspective what it is today with respect to

- Stiffness

- Strength and Durability


- Driving Dynamics

- Passive Safety

It doesn’t stop with structures. To ensure stable vehicle behaviour at high speeds and valid range and performance predictions aero drag and lift determination of the car body is required. iXent’s portfolio also includes services on the field of computational fluid dynamics to support these crucial requirements during conceptual design.

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